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Unbothered Plus 
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Kingston, Jamaica

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Bags & Accessories 

Leopard Print Handbag (red)

Leopard Print Handbag

Vintage Style Handbag

Vintage Look Handbag

Grey & Gold Bag 

Black & Gold Bag with Bow  

Pink Stripe Bag-SOLD

Grey, Black & Gold Bag 

White & Gold Bag  

Black & Brown Bag with Bow  

Cream & Gold Bag 

White Bag with Bow  

Vintage Style Handbag


Brown Mini Handbag/
Convertable Bagpack

White Mini Handbag/
Convertable Bagpack

Brown & White  Mini Handbag/
Convertable Bagpack

Red , Checkered
Mini Bagpack

Silver Bagpack

White Bagpack

Pink Bagpack -SOLD

Black Bagpack-​SOLD

Checkered Bagpack

Black M Pattern Bagpack

Teal Bagpack

Cream Gold Stud Bagpack-SOLD

Bags  Sets 

Go From Day To Night In Just A Sec!

Pink Bag with Insert  (Set)

White  Bag with Insert  (Set)

Pink  Stripe Bag with Insert  (Set)

Blue Stripe Bag with Insert  (Set)

Black  Stripe Bag with Insert  (Set) - SOLD

Checkered  Bag with Insert  (Set)-SOLD

Checkered  Bag with Insert -Brown (Set)-SOLD

Blue Bag with Insert  (Set) SOLD

Leopard Print Handbag  Set

​​Unbothered Plus ​​
Limited Edition Bag 2018

Stylish, Sophisticated, Chic & Yes You Can Wear It On Your Hand 

​​Unbothered Plus ​​
​Exculsive  Wallet & Watch Set 

Purple Purse & Watch Set 

Black Purse & Watch Set

Cream Purse & Watch Set

Red Purse & Watch Set

Pink Purse & Watch Set

More  Accessories Will Be Added Soon!